We are fully committed to protect the interests of our clients and other stakeholders.


Our mission is to ensure the services we offer our clients and other stakeholders are of world-class quality and strive at all times to live up to their expectations and demands.

IIS offers independent inspection quantity and quality inspection within: petroleum, petrochemistry, agri, minerals and biofuels.

All employees must/shall actively participate in and work for that all assignments will be performed with the highest possible quality.

We are fully committed to protect the interests of our clients and other stakeholders to make our clients feel that we represent
professionalism and integrity.

In order to achieve this, we shall:
* Treat our clients with a friendly approach, always giving them the information or the service they require in a highly professional manner.
* "Live up" to our quality system, which should be a "living" system with a constant endeavor to improve the management system and all employees.
* Consider the quality work as very important for the business' high standards of quality and integrity.
* Continually ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with the work we do.
* Make sure all employees have the technical equipment required and that such equipment is in the condition necessary to be able to perform our assignments in a professional manner.
* Provide our employees with the training and education required to perform the task that they will perform the tasks that they will perform.
* Only accept the assignments we can perform with certainty and have competence for.
* Strive for thrust and respect among all employees, create team-spirit and ensure that communication and information work.
* Make sure the working environment is excellent and that the workplace is safe and secure for our employees, thus preventing personal injury.